To determine a rough estimate of what your property taxes will be, here is a calculation:

Actual Sales Price Value x 7.96% tax rate = Assessed Value

Assessed Value x Current mill levy= Estimated taxes for the year

For example: If you buy your home for $400,000that is your actual value of your home. Mulitply that by the tax rate to get your assessed Value ($31,840) . Multiply your assessed value with the current mill levy of Larmier County (.088 for 2015) and you get Thompson Area School District

School our estimated taxes for the year, which for this sales price is $2,801.92


HOA Company

Crooked Creek




Annual Yearly Fees: $150

Includes: Maintenance of common areas.


About Berthoud 


The Town of Berthoud, with a population ofapproximately 5,394, is located on Colorado’s Northern Front Range on State Highway 278, and just a few miles west of I-25. Berthoud is characterized by it’s tree lined residential avenues, downtown historic feeling, growing commerce, excellent schools, proximity to world class outdoor recreation, and an overwhelming sense of community spirit.

Thompson Area School District 

  1. Berthoud Elementary 
  2. Turner Middle School
  3. Berthoud Highschool
  • k-5
  • 6-8
  • 9-12


  • 10
  • 8
  • 8
  •  1.1 mi
  • .7 mi
  • 1.0 mi

Surrounding Parks, Recreational Centers & Reservoirs 

  • Loveland Reservoir - .39mi
  • Welch Reservoir - 1.23mi
  • Lonetree Reservior - 1.36mi
  • Bein Park - .81mi
  •  Fickel Park - .95mi

Bein park sports fields in the area and surrounded by a fitness trail.  Bein Park is located near Berthoud High School. Fickle Park is the center piece of Berthoud. Many sculptures displayed by local artist. Newly refurbished tennis court with lights.





The town park Is perfect for family gatherings with its BBQ pits, picnic tables ,horseshoe courts, and located close to the Berthoud pool.